A List of Benefits of Hiring Me (basically a short paragraph of me bragging)

Economics: Lesson 35

Benefits of hiring me!

Homeschooled – flexible hours any time of year

Creative – I am a very hands on person who loves tackling anything new and interesting

Independent – I am the one who makes sure my school work gets done.

A leader – I take initiative. If no one knows quite what to do, I will take the initiative to get that problem solved and completed.

Quick Thinker – I can think very quick on my feet and come up with an answer. This is a good quality if a job requires talking to customers.

Hard Worker – When it comes to hard work I do not back down. I don’t mind (and often enjoy) hard physical labor.

Very Agreeable – I don’t like conflict. When a customer gets frustrated or is upset, I am the first to make sure that situation is fixed and everyone remains cheerful and content.

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