Sweden as an Example of the Free Market and the Protestant Work Ethic

Government 1B: Lesson 65 The standard claim about Sweden is that it shows society can prosper without a free market and with extensive government intervention. But the fact of the matter is, economists and politicians who use this claim have not studied the history of Sweden and know next to nothing about its culture, people, … Continue reading Sweden as an Example of the Free Market and the Protestant Work Ethic

Where do Profits come from?

Economics: Lesson 135 How can profit arise in a free market economy if every factor of production is paid what it is worth to customers? The Free market competition pays all factors of production what the customers determine. The customers are in authority because they have the money. So if everything is paid what it … Continue reading Where do Profits come from?

Why Benjamin Franklin is the Archetypal American

English: Lesson 50  "Is there anyone you think is more of the archetypal American than Franklin?" Benjamin Franklin was an industrious, hard-working man who spent his life striving to become a better person and a better servant to others. His life revolved around improving his character so that he would become a more humble, sincere, … Continue reading Why Benjamin Franklin is the Archetypal American

The Makings of an Entrepreneur

Economics: Lesson 30 "Do I have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?" I come from very entrepreneurial parents, who have among myself and two siblings, fostered a great sense of entrepreneurship. But, out of all three siblings I can't pinpoint which of us would be a better or more successful entrepreneur. We all have … Continue reading The Makings of an Entrepreneur