Ezra Institute: 2021

My review and experience at the Ezra Institute's Worldview Leadership Camp This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Worldview Leadership Camp at the Ezra Institute in Grimsby Ontario. https://www.ezrainstitute.ca/eicc-study-centre/worldview-leadership-camp/ This week-long camp is meant to teach young people how to think Christianly and understand what it means to be a Christian in … Continue reading Ezra Institute: 2021

Raised a Christian | My Testimony and Baptism

My name is Louisa. I have been blessed to be born into a Christian family and have grown up being read to and taught from the Bible. I have always known from a very young age that I believed in God and am meant to follow Him. Probably to my parent's delight, I do not … Continue reading Raised a Christian | My Testimony and Baptism