The Makings of an Entrepreneur

Economics: Lesson 30

“Do I have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?”

I come from very entrepreneurial parents, who have among myself and two siblings, fostered a great sense of entrepreneurship. But, out of all three siblings I can’t pinpoint which of us would be a better or more successful entrepreneur. We all have different strengths and weaknesses that can change our outcomes. For example, my younger sister is very clever and quick on her feet, and it is not hard for her to argue or debate an issue no matter the topic and somehow still come out on top or at least sound smart on the subject. My brother is not as articulate as my sister, but he is very good at problem-solving, particularly when fixing small machines or toys, making him a regular handyman. As for me, I am kind of a mixed bag of traits with a large amount of hard work on top. I have never complained of anything that involves hard work, actually, I rather enjoy working hard, especially if it is physical labour. So, do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? To answer that I have to look at all the specific traits that make up an entrepreneur. These are just a few that I think every good entrepreneur has: self-motivation, passion, good at managing money, imagination, hard work ethic, leadership, planning, and organizing.

For myself, I am naturally good at being self-motivated, being really good at something is a reward in itself for me. I am good at managing money, in school Accounting was my favourite course, and I like to see exactly what I have, what things cost, and how much I can spend, I also think this will partner well with being a good planner and organizer. I like to have control over what is happening, therefore planning and managing my time and money is important to me. As for leadership, I have always been one of those kids who plans what game we’re going to play and how to do it. Being the eldest child that is very natural to me. But there are somethings that I lack that I think I would have to develop to become a successful entrepreneur. Passion, where it’s needed, is one of them. For activities or topics I really enjoy, I have all the passion in the world to go and research, study, and or practice to become proficient in that activity. As of right now, I haven’t really found a niche that I am truly excited and passionate about, and that hinders my work ethic and motivation. I think I know what all the pieces to the puzzle are; I simply have to gather them and put them together to become a successful entrepreneur.

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