Ezra Institute: 2021

My review and experience at the Ezra Institute's Worldview Leadership Camp This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Worldview Leadership Camp at the Ezra Institute in Grimsby Ontario. https://www.ezrainstitute.ca/eicc-study-centre/worldview-leadership-camp/ This week-long camp is meant to teach young people how to think Christianly and understand what it means to be a Christian in … Continue reading Ezra Institute: 2021

Living a Life in Freedom

Economics: Lesson 80 "My Retrospective Retirement Speech: What I Accomplished, and How I Did It." It is hard to imagine where I will be 50 or 60 years from now, and even harder to imagine what I will have accomplished. I almost hesitate to write anything down on what I think I will say when … Continue reading Living a Life in Freedom

Song of the Rebels: Dare not trust the Government

English: Lesson 55 A three-stanza song -- four lines per stanza -- for the Rebels. Dare not trust the government They'll put us all in chains. Dare not trust the Loyalists Slavery's their game. It's not the tax that is too much Our freedom is at stake. It's the power implied that's such That we … Continue reading Song of the Rebels: Dare not trust the Government

The Targets of George Whitefield & Jonathan Edwards

English: Lesson 45 "If you had heard these two sermons, would you have assumed that you were the target?" George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards were masters at writing and delivering sermons, but were especially good at conveying emotion to sway a crowd. Both men are at the top of the list of the most famous … Continue reading The Targets of George Whitefield & Jonathan Edwards