Physics: Week 28

In week 28 of the Ron Paul Curriculum physics course, we covered Electromagnetic applications. AC generator and DC generator diagram Generator equations Transformers: a device for increasing or decreasing voltage.  Think of hydro wires, coming from the road to a house. Transformer equations Mutual inductance: Units of inductance: called a henry (H) Self inductance: An … Continue reading Physics: Week 28

Physics Week 24: Introduction to dc circuit analysis

The main topics covered during week 24 in the Physics course from the Ron Paul Curriculum were: EMF, terminal voltage, resistors, resistance circuits, and Kirchhoff's law. Lesson 1: EMF: something that producing energy and an electromotive force Resistors in Series: in a series circuit the total resistance is equal to the sum of the individual … Continue reading Physics Week 24: Introduction to dc circuit analysis