A Life Full of Living Books

English: Lesson 180 My plan to put my knowledge of literature to productive lifetime use. Books have been a huge staple in my education. Before finding the Ron Paul Curriculum, my parents homeschooled me with the Charlotte Mason method. One of her mottos is, “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life." Books and good … Continue reading A Life Full of Living Books

Conservative Polylogism

Economics: Lesson 160 Is free trade across a county border economically different from free trade across a national border? When it comes to town borders, county borders, and state borders, nobody cares about them and they are simply invisible lines. Conservatives defend free trade across these domestic borders with no tariffs or sales taxes because … Continue reading Conservative Polylogism

Ezra Institute: 2021

My review and experience at the Ezra Institute's Worldview Leadership Camp This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Worldview Leadership Camp at the Ezra Institute in Grimsby Ontario. https://www.ezrainstitute.ca/eicc-study-centre/worldview-leadership-camp/ This week-long camp is meant to teach young people how to think Christianly and understand what it means to be a Christian in … Continue reading Ezra Institute: 2021

The Targets of George Whitefield & Jonathan Edwards

English: Lesson 45 "If you had heard these two sermons, would you have assumed that you were the target?" George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards were masters at writing and delivering sermons, but were especially good at conveying emotion to sway a crowd. Both men are at the top of the list of the most famous … Continue reading The Targets of George Whitefield & Jonathan Edwards

Emigrating people’s connection with the Old Testament

English: Lesson 25 "How did Cotton and Winthrop view the emigrating people's connection with the Old Testament?" Cotton and Winthrop were pastors in 1630 and had the difficult task of giving the farewell sermons to their congregations, the Separatists, who were bound for America. They had little to no idea of what they would face … Continue reading Emigrating people’s connection with the Old Testament

A Morality Tale: Why they had left

English: Lesson 20 "Was Bradford's account a morality tale for future generations?" William Bradford was an English Puritan Separatist who wrote an account of his and his fellow separatists' journey from England to the Netherlands, then onto America. The journal is called Of Plymouth Plantation and documents the time from 1620 to 1646. It has been one … Continue reading A Morality Tale: Why they had left