Unearned Grace in Tender Mercies and Driving Miss Daisy

English: Lesson 160 In what ways are both movies about grace: gifts unearned by the recipient? Tender Mercies (1983) and Driving Miss Daisy (1989) are films about two people who didn't expect grace from the world but are given it. Both films won an Oscar for best lead actor and actress; Robert Duvall in Tender … Continue reading Unearned Grace in Tender Mercies and Driving Miss Daisy

Physics: Week 32

This week in the Ron Paul Curriculum physics course was about the wave nature of light.This was the last week of the course! The next 4 weeks are going to be spent in review. Diffraction:  This occurs when waves pass through a narrow opening or around an object.  The amount of diffraction depends on the … Continue reading Physics: Week 32

Conservative Polylogism

Economics: Lesson 160 Is free trade across a county border economically different from free trade across a national border? When it comes to town borders, county borders, and state borders, nobody cares about them and they are simply invisible lines. Conservatives defend free trade across these domestic borders with no tariffs or sales taxes because … Continue reading Conservative Polylogism

A Gun is as Good or as Bad as the Man using it

English: Lesson 145 "Compare and contrast the attitude of each movie regarding guns." Shane (1953) and High Noon (1952) are two of the best western movies ever created. Until this last week, westerns to me were just fun movies filled with drama, gun fighting, and simple sets and characters with not a lot of detail … Continue reading A Gun is as Good or as Bad as the Man using it

Physics: Week 28

In week 28 of the Ron Paul Curriculum physics course, we covered Electromagnetic applications. AC generator and DC generator diagram Generator equations Transformers: a device for increasing or decreasing voltage.  Think of hydro wires, coming from the road to a house. Transformer equations Mutual inductance: Units of inductance: called a henry (H) Self inductance: An … Continue reading Physics: Week 28