A Reason Not to Vote for the Tax Amendment of 1912

English: Lesson 115

Would I have voted for the income tax amendment in 1912, based on the arguments in Philip Dru: Administrator, A Story of Tomorrow?

Edward M. House wrote Philip Dru: Administrator, A Story of Tomorrow in 1912. The book was meant to be fiction, but from what we know of House now, the main character Philip Dru was a representation of Edward M. House. The main proof of this is that House was an advisor to Pres. Wilson from 1912 to 1919, although not many people knew at the time, and Philip Dru advises many of the rich and influential people in the book. Another reason to believe Philip Dru and House are the same person is that House was a Progressive and the message of the book is clearly progressivism.

  • We need greater economic equality
  • The rich owe the poor
  • This is necessary for greater efficiency
  • A new world order is at hand

Whenever I hear or read the words “a new world order” I quickly listen up, and my trust in the person, book, movie, or organization diminishes. Why? Usually, it is because this “new world order” is undermining the Christian worldview and morals upon which the U.S. and most western countries are founded on.

For the reasons above I would not have voted for the income tax amendment in 1912. But there is more.

The book and plot are implausible. The reader can tell by the way House writes in scenes and events that he is trying to set up and get a point across. The point being Progressivism. Every author has an agenda or point they are trying to tell, but they do it in a clever, creative, unexpected, inconspicuous manner, which House does not. The most obviously implausible part of the story is the raising of funds for 400,000 troops in only a couple of weeks by one young lady. Not to mention the most incredible battle and victory that was ever written with:

  • 40,000 of the enemy dead
  • 210,000 of the enemy wounded
  • 75,000 of the enemy missing (the question is where)

All of this happens with the enemy having a total of 600,000 troops, and Philip Dru’s army a total of 500,00 troops, meaning Dru’s army took out 54% of the enemy! These numbers are completely implausible, especially considering that this battle supposedly took place in the U.S.

In conclusion, the Progressivism, the fact House advised Pres. Wilson, and the implausible plot, is enough evidence for me to not vote for the income tax amendment. Taxes are always people controls, and as we see in the book Philip Dru goes on to control the whole country as a dictator.

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