Physics Week 21: Electrical Potential

This week of my physics course from the Ron Paul Curriculum covered the concepts of electrical potential, potential difference, equipotential lines, electron Volts, and potential around point charges. We went through lots of diagrams which was great for memorizing and understanding these new concepts.

Lesson 101:

  • Potential around a single charge and between two plates
  • Moving a charge and work
  • Electrical potential
  • Voltage: unit of electric potential

Lesson 102:

  • Potential difference and gravity example
  • Relationship between field and potential
  • Lots and lots of practice problems

Lesson 103:

  • Equipotential lines for flat plates and a point charge
  • Equipotential surfaces
  • The electron volt
  • Practice problems

Lesson 104:

  • Positive and negative point charges
  • Review of lessons and more practice problems

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