Physics Week 20: Electric charge and Electric fields

This is my quick review of week 20 of my Physics course in the Ron Paul Curriculum. This week looks rather short, but working through all the concepts and practice problems takes a while.

Lesson 96:

  • Electromagnetic force
  • The 4 fundamental forces including gravity
  • Video demonstrations of electromagnetic forces
    • rubbing a balloon on your hair and then attracting a pop can to it.
    • charging a two rods positively and negatively to attract or repel each other.
  • Bohr’s model of the atom
  • Conservation of charge

Lesson 97:

  • Coulomb unit of charge [C] = 6.25 billion electrons
  • Charge on a single electron or proton = 1.6 * 10^-19 C
  • Coulomb’s law

Lesson 98:

  • Electric field introduction
  • E = F/q
  • Electric field diagram – single charge and double charge
  • Charge induction

Lesson 99:

  • Electric field practice problems and examples
  • Electric fields in conductors
  • Lots of diagrams

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