Freedom & Unity from the new Constitution

English: Lesson 69

A transcript of your speech at a state ratification convention.

Do not let the years of fighting battles for our freedoms and liberties go to waste. Do not let down our fathers and brothers who gave their lives for the freedoms of this great country, only now to give them up. We now have a chance to create a new Constitution that will secure those hard-earned freedoms forever, and build up America into the greatest empire the world has ever seen. Many of you are afraid that this country will become like the tyrannical empire we left behind and with this new Constitution you will lose the freedoms that the Articles of Confederation grant you. But this new Constitution will guarantee we do not become like England: a government that lords over the people and takes away individual liberties. That will not be America. Breaking up America into smaller rivals will make us enemies. Not only will we be fighting foreign enemies but our neighbours as well. This shared authority between the States and a higher government will unify us all. We will not become rivals like we will if we don’t ratify this new Constitution, instead of each individual State clawing and scratching its way to the top, casting away its neighbouring States in the process, we will raise each other up and become great in America. The world will soon know and see a new empire, greater than ever before, where each person can live in freedom and prosper, and that empire will be called the United States of America.

3 thoughts on “Freedom & Unity from the new Constitution

      1. No problem. When I was going to do this essay, I was not sure how I would write it, so I think to myself, what would people say in that time, then I just wrote. I tried to use my imagination a little. I did the best I can do to make this essay great.

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