Living a Life in Freedom

Economics: Lesson 80

“My Retrospective Retirement Speech: What I Accomplished, and How I Did It.”

It is hard to imagine where I will be 50 or 60 years from now, and even harder to imagine what I will have accomplished. I almost hesitate to write anything down on what I think I will say when I am retired, except that I think I will never be fully retired, but constantly working on a project, whether it be improving myself and family or helping someone else. What I find important today may not matter at all when I am older, and I will hopefully have grown older and wiser. Yet, there are some things that I pray for dearly that I will be able to show for proudly when I retire, or whatever I decide to do later in life, and these are them:

I want to stand up and say that I stood strong in my faith in Jesus Christ and always strove for freedom. Living in times where the government has stepped over the line, breaching our civil liberties, denying us the ability to go to church and worship, have fellowship with friends and family has made me appreciate the freedom we had in a way I never understood. It has also made me realize how important my faith truly is, and the power that God has, and the freedom we are given from Him. You don’t think that the world benefits from God when everything is going along splendidly, then suddenly you do when your God-given freedoms are taken away and you see that so much of what our society was built upon was based on God. I hope that when I am older I can proudly say that I fought for the freedom of my children, of my country, and the world, and that I didn’t just stand back and hope others would do it for me.

The last thing that I hope I will get to show when I retire, are my children, and possibly grandchildren. I believe that is my calling in life, to raise strong, independent, God-fearing children that can go out into the world and live in fear of nobody. There is nothing I want more in life than to have children and make a happy home where we can play, eat, and learn all the wonderful things that life offers. And one day I will hopefully get to say I made that dream come true.

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