Money and Time (which is money)

Economics: Lesson 20

“Is it worth my time to get a part time job at minimum wage?”

Working is something I have always enjoyed. I cannot stand to be idle, even if it means cooking or cleaning while I watch a movie, but is it worth my time to get a part-time job when it means giving up my time to do other things?

I took a part-time job earlier this year, and I was so glad to work and make decent money for myself. I think that I would not have been as eager to find a job if most of my friends didn’t have one as well. When you see other people your age working and making money, it makes you want to do the same. Because of that little bit of competition, I started looking for a summer job as soon as the year started. I got a great job, with good hours, and wonderful people, but I had to consider how this job was going to affect my studies. I was not willing to put everything on hold just to make time for work, so I had to find time to study. This meant studying early in the morning before going to work and in the evenings after.

Now that that job is over I have the decision to find another job or continue with more school. I have to think if I want that same kind of job that only pays minimum wage. Is it worth my time? If I continue with my studies I could find a better job that would pay more later on. I don’t need money at the moment, and if I did I could babysit my cousins for a few days to make money quick, but for now, my school and education are more important than me working a part-time minimum wage job.
So, to answer if working a part-time job with minimum wage worth my time, no it is not. My time is more valuably spent studying and furthering my education, which could lead to an even better job in the future.

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