Coach Fare or First Class

Economics: Lesson 10

“If you were flying across country, would you rather sit in first class, or would you rather your parents gave you the difference between the first-class fare and the coach fare?”

As a person who has flown a few times with my family, and who is a little scared of flying, I can say that I prefer to fly coach fare, or what ever seat is cheapest. That means it is the smallest and most uncomfortable seats for me! But my reason for preferring coach fare flying is the price and the goal.

I think price is on everyones list when choosing which airline and class to fly. If someone needed to get somewhere quickly or has an important meeting to get to, they probably will choose the first flight available and the most comfortable seat on the plane, so they can get to their destination quickly and with a good nights sleep. I, on the other hand, value my money more than my time or sleep, and don’t mind not having any of the fancy frills of first class flying. If I am just flying to Florida for a lovely five day vacation on the beach, I can catch up on my lost sleep from the plane on the beach when I get there. And this leads me to my goal for flying coach.

For a quick flight I think anyone can sit a few hours in an uncomfortable seat, however, if it is a 14 hour flight you might want to have a better seat so you can enjoy sitting for 14 hours straight. Ultimately it is your goal that will determine the class of seat you choose. I have taken a 14 hour flight before, of which after I had to travel on land to get to the final destination. The seat I got was a little bigger with better legroom and so on. It was not first class, but it was just enough to make the long flight enjoyable. My goal was to be able to stand the long flight and arrive not completely deprived of sleep so I could get to my final destination.

If I was ever given the option of flying first class I think it would be a fun experience to splurge my money and go all out with fancy frills and such. But, unless I marry rich or become a millionaire, I think I shall always fly coach class as it makes more economical sense for my situation.

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